With Phoenix LATERAL files, you'll experience elite on-site records protection, elegant design and guaranteed durability. 


World Class

Combining powerful protection and aesthetic polish, World Class lateral files cater to heavy-duty storage needs. Each drawer is equipped to handle legal- or letter-sized folders from front to back or side to side. Drawers also use a three-way suspension for stability and feature an anti-tip safety mechanism that prevents opening more than one drawer at a time.

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Phoenix World Class fire files work from the inside out
to safeguard your records.

Custom Class

Lateral files provide all the protective power and stylistic polish of vertical files, with a design that's guaranteed to prevent tipping and provide safety of use.

If you’re looking for all the right features and room to customize, Custom Class files are a perfect choice — complementing superior protection with customizable options, including colors and locks.

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Nothing destroys pasts and threatens futures faster than fires.
Nothing protects them better than Phoenix.