With Phoenix vertical files, you'll experience elite on-site records protection, elegant design and guaranteed durability. 


World Class

The features you want. 
The style you prefer. 
The toughness you expect.

Welcome to World Class fire protection from Phoenix.

Meet the future of fire and water protection with World Class files from Phoenix. True to its name, the World Class line blends the best of all Phoenix has to offer — rugged endurance to withstand the toughest disasters, eye-catching styles that fit in anywhere and the features you need to personalize your protection.

World Class files are built to the specifications you want, available in legal, letter and lateral size models. And of course, World Class files stand up to the harshest fires and the water that puts them out. Each file is rated to protect your documents from intense fires, while a labyrinth sealing system and special gaskets prevent water damage from sprinklers and fire hoses.

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Phoenix World Class fire files work from the inside out
to safeguard your records.

Custom Class

The space-saving Custom Class vertical files elegantly blend into any environment while protecting your vital records, with fire protection perfect for your important paper records.

If you’re looking for all the right features and room to customize, Custom Class files are a perfect choice — complementing superior protection with customizable options, including colors and locks.

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Nothing destroys pasts and threatens futures faster than fires.
Nothing protects them better than Phoenix.